About Opera Hispánica

Opera Hispánica addresses the need for a New York City-based opera company devoted to presenting the best of Hispanic and Latino opera.

As we begin to see increasing numbers of composers writing operas with Spanish and Latin American influence such as Daniel Catan, Robert Xavier Rodriguez, Gabriela Lena Frank, Marcos Galvany and Samuel Zyman Opera Hispánica is proud to support and cultivate the musicians, composers and writers who specialize in this genre.

Opera Hispánica’s mission is to produce operas that are either in Spanish, written by a Hispanic or Latino composer, and/or are inspired by the Latino culture.

As the first opera company in New York City to perform predominantly in Spanish, Opera Hispánica’s repertory will also include Zarzuela (Spanish Musical Theatre) and related musical works both as concert and fully staged productions.

Opera Hispánica aims to establish a supportive foundation for emerging and established composers committed to developing new operas that are entertaining and relevant to modern audiences. Programs for emerging and established composers will include competitions, workshops, and the commissioning of new works.